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All You Need To Know About Wine – Healthy Tips

Alcohol, in general, tends to have a rather negative image due to the effects people feel when drunk. The damaging medical effects alcohol can have over a long period of time also promotes this negative presentation. Unfortunately, wine has fallen into this group and has, over the years, begun to adopt the stereotype of something bad. The fact is that wine can be quite beneficial rather than disadvantageous for an individual’s body and mind. This is due to the fact that wine is created from fermented grapes which is an organic ingredient. This article will provide some information on the different benefits of the product and is a guide to wine – healthy tips.

healthy tips1. Increased Omega-3 Levels

Different scientific studies have indicated that drinking red wine can increase the levels of omega-3 in the human body. Using research from three different European countries, it was possible to come to a conclusive agreement that the omega-3 boosts were universal irrespective of eating and drinking habits. Of course, it is already a well-known fact that alcohol can increase the levels of omega-3 in the body; however, red wine was noted as being far more beneficial and providing greater boosts in this area. The final conclusion is that the first red wine health benefit is a rise in omega-3 levels within the body’s blood.

2. Anti-Alzheimer’s Effects

Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia, is a mental health condition occurring when certain toxic plaques formulate in the brain. The plaques are formed by an increase in proteins along the areas of the brain dealing with memory specifically. Fortunately, numerous medications have been created to assist with combating this illness and these medications include an element known as polyphenols. The polyphenols act to block proteins from accumulating and increasing loss of memory. Of course, pharmaceuticals include various additional elements that will cause side effects and despite the reduction of cognitive degeneration the individual may experience other co-morbid conditions. An organic means of dealing with this degeneration is by drinking red wine.

Studies have shown that red wine contains the element polyphenol assisting in blocking the formation of the proteins in the brain. The amount of polyphenol in red wine is great and in addition to blocking protein formation, it is also able to reduce the toxicity of any existing plaques. This means that red wine can act as an anti-Alzheimer’s agent for individuals already suffering from the disease; as well as, helping prevent the disease among others. A glass or two per day will help keep Alzheimer’s away.

wine anti-aging effects3. Anti-Aging Effects

Resveratrol, a minor ingredient identified in red wine, has been found to activate an organic protein known as sirtuin in the body. This protein, sirtuin, is useful as it protects cells from the individual’s own DNA. How is this beneficial? The fact is that DNA exists in all cells and is at risk of damage at any moment due to the DNA being at use at all times. By initiating the sirtuin, one is able to maintain the DNA and “keep it under control”. Of course, the time may arrive when a break in the chromosomes will occur resulting in aging and this is where sirtuin is useful as it repairs the damaged area quickly. By drinking red wine one is able to increase the amount sirtuin being activated and reduce times of chromosomal unrest resulting in aging; thus being a strong red wine – healthy tips.